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Regulations 2023

Regulations of the Three Lakes Marathon Mountain Festival 2024

  1. Purpose of the event. The purpose of the Three Lakes Marathon Mountain Festival (hereinafter referred to as the festival) is:
    1. integration and activation of the local community and the community of runners.

    2. promotion of health and an active lifestyle.

    3. promotion of the tourist attractions of the Little Beskids mountain range and the communes of the Bielsko and Żywiec districts and the city of Bielsko-Biała located on its territory.

    4. promotion of mountain culture.

    5. promotion of the idea of volunteering.

    6. revival of tourist traffic in the towns located in the gorge of the Soła River in the autumn and promotion of this area as the Land of the Beskid Lakes.

  1. Organizer.The organizer of the Three Lakes Marathon Mountain Festival is the “Kraina gór i jezior” foundation based in Tychy (KRS 0000812168) in cooperation with the municipality of Porąbka.
  2. Date of the event. September 13-15, 2024.
  3. Location, routes and runs. The main part of the festival are runs held over four distances:
    1. Czupel Vertical, 3,5 km (+600 m elevation gain), starting on September 13 at 4:30 PM.

    2. Three Lakes Marathon, approx. 46 km (main distance, +/- 2480 m elevation gain), starting on September 14 at 8:00 AM.

    3. Rollercoaster, approx. 25 km (approx. +/- 1400 m elevation gain), starting on September 14 at 10:00 AM.

    4. Wallachian Shepherds Trail, approx. 17 km (approx. +/- 1230 m elevation gain), starting on September 15 at 9:30 AM.

One can start in each individual run, as in an autonomous competition. In addition, a multi-stage classification will be held, in which a total classification will be carried out for three runs, day after day: the Czupel Vertical, the Three Lakes Marathon and the Wallachian Shepherds Trail (a total of about 67 km of distance and about +/- 4300 m elevation gain).

All runs will start in Międzybrodzie Bialskie. The finish line of the main run and the 25 km run will be located in Porąbka, the finish line of the 3.5 km run will be located at the top of Czupel mountain, and the Wallachian Shepherds Trail’s run in Międzybrodzie Bialskie, at the starting point. The Vertical run will be held on Friday afternoon, the Marathon and the Rollercoaster on Saturday, and the Wallachian Shepherds Trail run on Sunday. Runs will be routed along public and forest roads and tourist trails (over 90% of the route) of the Little Beskids mountain range, around the Międzybrodzkie Lake. The Czupel Vertical route will run entirely along forest roads. All routes will run through scenic as well as culturally and historically significant places in the western part of the Little Beskids mountain range. Due to the terrain conditions, the return from the Czupel Vertical finish line to Międzybrodzie Bialskie will be on foot – the organizer does not provide transport. In the case of the Czupel Vertical, participants will start according to the starting list in 10-second intervals, and the net time will decide about the victory.

  1. The detailed course of the routes is available at
  2. Time limit. The time limits for completing the runs are:
    1. for the Czupel Vertical – 1 hour 30 minutes.

    2. for the Three Lakes Marathon 46 km – 10 hours.

    3. for the Rollercoaster 25 km – 6 hours.

    4. For the Wallachian Shepherds Trail – 4 hours.

Intermediate time limits will be published on the website in a separate announcement along with the detailed course of the route.

Participants who do not fit in the intermediate limits will be asked to leave the run route. In the case of continuation of the run by the participant against the rules of the regulations, one ceases to be a participant in the run and covers the route as an individual tourist.

  1. Route marking. The vast majority of the route runs along well-marked tourist trails and they are the basic determinant of the direction of the run. Participants of the run receive maps with the course of the route. In addition, the route will be marked with horizontal and vertical signs (in places where the direction of the route changes), as well as warning tapes (at regular intervals, with reflective elements in the final section).
  2. Participation in the run. People who meet the following conditions may participate in the festival runs:
    1. on the day of the run they are over 18 years old (the exception is the Czupel Vertical – here we allow participation of people who have turned 15 on the day of the run and have a written consent of the legal guardian submitted by the guardian in person at the competition office).

    2. provide the organizer with a written declaration of health allowing for participation in this type of sporting events (according to the form available in the competition office – the template is available on the festival’s website), the signature on the declaration takes place in the competition office at the time of collecting the participant’s package.

    3. accept the regulations of the run.

    4. pay the entry fee (in the full amount, for the festival’s organizational purposes) within 7 days from the date of registration on the entry list. In the case of registration in the period shorter than 7 days before the end of the registration, the deadline for making and posting the payment is September 6.

  1. Applications, limits and entry fee. Applications can be made only electronically, via the registration panel, the link to which will be published on the website from February 25, 2024 (19:00) to September 6, 2024 (23:59). If the limit of participants is reached earlier, the registration will be closed before this date. The limit of participants is:
    1. 150 participants – Czupel Vertical.

    2. 400 participants – Three Lakes Marathon 46 km.

    3. 300 participants – Rollercoaster 25 km.

    4. 300 participants – Wallachian Shepherds Trail.

Within the above mentioned limits, the organizer reserves the pool of 30 spots for each run at its disposal.

For each run, there are four thresholds for the entry fee: the lowest until April 14, 2024, the second one until June 30, 2024, the third one until August 31, 2024 and the highest from September 1, 2023. These are accordingly:

    1. Czupel Vertical: PLN 80/100/120/120

    2. Three Lakes Marathon 46 km: PLN 220/250/285/320

    3. Rollercoaster 25 km: PLN 170/190/210/230

    4. Wallachian Shepherd Trail: PLN 150/170/190/210

Multi-stage run (Vertical + Three Lakes Marathon + Wallachian Shepherd Trail): PLN 420/475/550/600 – the condition for using the discount is the full payment of the entry fee (in the bank transfer title, instead of the distance, enter “Grand Prix”). In the case of registration for a multi-stage race, it is not possible to transfer individual runs to other people. In order to take part in the multi-stage classification, you must register for each run separately and make one entry fee for all three runs (in total, it is a lower amount than in the case of paying for each run separately).

Festival volunteers are exempt from the entry fee for the Czupel Vertical 3.5 km distance. The condition is to notify the organizers of one’s willingness to participate in the run by August 15, 2024.

Participants with an individual ITRA or UTMB Index or RMT >800 points and female participants with an individual ITRA or UTMB Index >700 points (or RMT >800) are exempt from the entry fee, provided that they notify the organizer of their willingness to start by e-mail no later than August 31, 2024. The number of available spots exempt from the entry fee is 30 for each run and the order of applications determines the possibility of taking advantage of it.

The entry fee is intended for the organizational purposes of the run and accompanying attractions. Payments should be made directly to the foundation’s account. In the event of a change in the price threshold when paying directly to the foundation’s account, the date of posting the transfer is decisive.

Bank transfer details:

Fundacja “Kraina gór i jezior”
Account number: 80 1600 1462 1880 8788 1000 0001
BNP Paribas
In the title of the transfer, enter the NAME, SURNAME OF THE RUNNER AND DISTANCE e.g.: John Smith, 46 km

Data for foreign fees (EUR):

Before 14.04.2024 15.04.2024-30.06.2024


Od 01.09.2024

Three Lake Marathon 45 km

50 EUR

59 EUR

68 EUR

75 EUR

Rollercoaster 25 km

40 EUR

45 EUR

50 EUR

54 EUR

Wallachian Shepherds Trail 17 km 35 EUR

40 EUR

45 EUR

49 EUR

Czupel Vertical 3,5 km 19 EUR

22 EUR

25 EUR

25 EUR

Grand Prix Multi-stage: 3,5 km + 45 km + 17 km

100 EUR

115 EUR

130 EUR

140 EUR

Name of beneficiary: Fundacja „Kraina gór i jezior”
Account number: 80 1600 1462 1880 8788 1000 0001
BNP Paribas
Transfer title: RUNNER’S NAME AND SURNAME, DISTANCE e.g.: John Smith, 45 km

The organizer has the right to remove from the competition list participants who do not pay the entry fee within the statutory period of 7 days from the date of registration.

In the event of resignation from the race, the fee is not refundable, however, until August 20, 2024, it is possible to transfer the participant’s package to another person. The condition for transferring the package is that the organizers of the run are effectively informed about this fact by e-mail (from the e-mail address provided during registration) by the person resigning from participation no later than August 20, 2024 and payment of the surcharge of 20 PLN for transferring the competition number. Any related settlements are made directly between the person transferring and receiving the package, without the participation of the organizer.

As part of the entry fee, the organizer provides participants with: bib number, electronic time measurement service, drinks and groceries at regeneration points, regeneration meal after finishing the run, commemorative gadget (in the case of a multi-stage race, one gadget for the entire event), medal for participants who have completed the run within the time limit, a deposit bag, any additional gadgets depending on the sponsorship funds obtained, pre-medical assistance on the route of the run, bus transport from Porąbka to Międzybrodzie to the start of the run and back from Porąbka to Międzybrodzie (for participants of the distances of 46 km and 25 km, to use this possibility, it is necessary to select such an option in the registration panel).

  1. Safety. As part of the festival, technically difficult mountain runs are organized, in which participation is associated with a risk to the life or health of the participants, which is characteristic of this type of runs. Participants take part in the run at their own risk. The organizer of the run provides pre-medical assistance in the finish zone (in the case of the Vertical at the start) and several points with emergency pre-medical assistance on the route of the run (teams will be set up depending on the difficulty of a given section).



In the event of injury or health problems, the participant of the run is obliged – if able – to inform the competition office about it (telephone contact provided on the bib number). Runners who meet another participant in need of help on the route are obliged to provide it, and if necessary, help the injured to reach the nearest first aid team or inform the nearest team about the situation. In the event of a serious injury or fainting, the competition office should be informed immediately and each participant is obliged to wait with the injured person until the pre-medical team arrives. Refusal or failure to provide assistance results in disqualification.

In the event of resignation from further participation in the run, the participant is obliged to inform the coordinator of the run or the coordinator of the competition office (telephone contact provided on the bib number). Otherwise, the organizer may be forced to launch a search operation, the consequences of which, including the costs of it, will be borne by the participant who failed to inform the organizers of his resignation from the run.

When collecting the participant’s package at the competition office, the participant is obliged to leave a telephone number to the contact person in the event of an accident on the route of the run.

Only people who are in good health can participate in the run. In case of doubt as to the health condition, the organizer suggests a medical consultation before registration. Participants run at their own risk, which they confirm with a written statement signed at the competition office.

Mandatory equipment:

Participants of the 46 km, 25 km and 17 km runs are required to be equipped with:

  • charged mobile phone with the phone numbers of the competition office coordinator, run coordinator and the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue (GOPR) coordinator and the “Ratunek” application installed (if their phone allows it),

  • water bottle/soft flask/skin bottle/or any container with a drink with a minimum volume of 0.5 l (there will be no disposable cups at the points),

  • space blanket of a minimum size of 200cmx100cm,

  • bib number with a timing chip,

  • identity document,

  • elastic bandage,

  • a rain jacket with a hood,

  • headwear,

Elements in bold may be removed from the mandatory equipment in the event of favourable weather forecasts, however, the final announcement in this regard will be issued no later than 24 hours before the start of the given race.

For 46 km run additionally:

  • a second reusable cup (or a second container such as a hydration bladder, soft flask or bottle) of any capacity.

Czupel Vertical:

  • bib number with a timing chip

  • identity document

  • space blanket of a minimum size of 200cmx100cm

The organizer has the right to verify the required equipment and not allow participants who do not meet the regulations to start. In the event of exclusion of a participant due to failure to meet the requirements in terms of the equipment, the fee for the run is not refundable. In addition, the equipment can be inspected immediately before the start and on the route of the run. 5 fastest competitors and 5 fastest female participants of the 46 km run are subject to mandatory control. Lack of one piece of equipment may result in a time penalty of 20 minutes, two pieces of equipment – 40 minutes. Lack of three elements results in disqualification of the participant.

The runs take place along tourist trails, and in several places also along forest and public roads. Participants are obliged to allow other tourists to use the trail. Participants are subject to traffic regulations. Particular care should be taken when crossing public roads.

The run will take place regardless of the weather, and the decision to participate is made by the participant of the run at his/her own risk. However, in the event of a sudden change in the weather or public weather warnings, the organizer has the right to change the start time, and in an extremely dangerous situation, after consulting the security services, postpone the run for safety reasons or modify the route, of which the participants will be informed.

15 minutes before the start, there will be a short briefing for the participants of the run, during which the necessary current information will be provided. Attendance at the briefing is mandatory.


The organizer is insured against civil liability towards the participants of the run for the duration of the event. The organizer does not provide life, health or civil liability insurance for illness, accident, injury, death or incurring any losses or damages that may occur in connection with the presence and/or participation in any of the runs held as part of the festival and recommends purchasing such insurance individually. The organizer reserves the right to allow medical and pre-medical personnel acting on behalf of the organizer to provide first aid or perform other medical procedures, including transport of the injured participant to a safe place. The decisions of the medical staff regarding admission to the start or continuation of the race are final and irrevocable.

  1. Nature protection. We are guests in the forest. Let’s respect this, as well as other people enjoying rest in the mountains. It is forbidden to litter the area along the route of the run. Waste produced by the competitors (e.g. packaging of gels, drinks) should be kept by the participant. Waste produced at regeneration points should be left at these points in bags or other places intended for this purpose (in accordance with the principle of segregating garbage). It is forbidden to get off the route.

Failure to comply with the above rules may result in disqualification of the participant or a time penalty (up to the organizer’s decision).

  1. Checkpoints. Control points will be located on the route. The organizer of the race will decide about their distribution. Therefore, the participants of the run are obliged to run with the bib number pinned in a visible place in front (e.g. on the chest or at waist level). Runners are also required to confirm their number upon judge’s request. Failure to note the presence of the participant at the checkpoint results in disqualification of the participant.
  2. Competition office will be open:
    1. on September 13 from 2:30 PM to 9:30 PM (all runs).

    2. on September 14, from 6 AM to 7:30 AM (for 46 km 25 km runs), from 8 AM to 9:30 AM (for 25 km run).

    3. on September 15 from 7 AM to 9 AM (17 km run).

The organizer will inform about its location on September 1, 2024 at the latest via the website of the marathon:

Participants pick up their participant’s packages in person. To confirm your identity, you must present an identity document with a photo (identity card, driving license or passport).

  1. Classifications and prizes. The runs are social events, but there are also classifications being held. The core classification is the men OPEN classification and the women OPEN classification. In addition, in the case of the Vertical, 46 km and 17 km runs, there are classifications in the following age categories:
    1. M18/K18 – participants born in 2006-1990.

    2. M35/K35 – participants born in 1989-1975.

    3. M50+/K50+ – participants born in 1974-1965.

    4. M60/K60 – participants born in 1964 and older.

In the case of Rollercoaster 25 there is only one OPEN category.

Multi-stage classification: only OPEN classification will be held, separately for women and men. As part of this classification, points will be awarded first for places in individual runs (according to the table below) and the sum of points from three runs will determine the order in the final classification of the Three Lakes Grand Prix. In the event of an equal number of points, times from three individual runs will be added (Czupel Vertical, Marathon of Three Lakes, Wallachian Shepherds Trail). Among the participants with the same number of points, the higher place in the classification will be taken by the participant with the lower sum of times.

Scoring of places for Grand Prix participants:
(place – points)
1. – 50 p.
2. – 40 p.
3. – 32 p.
4. – 28 p.
5. – 25 p.
6. – 23 p.
7. – 21 p.
8. – 19 p.
9. – 17 p.
10. – 16 p.
11. – 15 p.
12. – 14 p.
13. – 13 p.
14. – 12 p.
15. – 11 p.
16. – 10 p.
17. – 9 p.
18. – 8 p.
19. – 7 p.
20. – 6 p.
21. – 5 p.
22. – 4 p.
23. – 3 p.
24. – 2 p.
25 – 1 p.

Commemorative statuettes are provided for the best OPEN trios and category winners. Possible prizes, their value and amount depend on the generosity of the sponsors. In the case of 46 km run, financial prizes are provided in the open category. The decoration of the winners will take place about half an hour after the end of the runs. Prizes must be collected in person during the decoration ceremony after the end of the run. In the absence of the awarded person at the decoration, the prize is forfeited.

In addition, in the case of a 46 km run, an additional team classification will be held, for teams of at least 3 people (the same-sounding name of the team entered during registration is decisive), where the three best places of the members of a given team will be summed up (the lower the sum, the better), and in the case of an equal sum of places then the sum of the times of the three best runners in the team will be decisive (the lower the better).

In the case of the team classification, there will be no separate classification for men and women, but at least one woman must be classified within the team. Example: If three men and one woman were members a given team and took 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th (female) places respectively, then the places of the two best men and a woman will be considered for the team classification.

  1. Protests. Any protests may be lodged by the participants of the run up to 15 minutes after the end of the run with the main judge or the race director, after paying a deposit of PLN 50 (which will be returned if the protest is approved). Protests will be considered by a three-person committee composed of the organizers of the run no later than half an hour after the end of the competition.
  2. Mountain Running League. All runs are classified as part of the Polish Mountain Running League (Polish: Liga Biegów Górskich).
  3. Photo and video coverage. The runs will be accompanied by activities related to the photo and video coverage of the event. Accredited journalists will be listed on the run’s website no later than September 10, 2024. The participants of the run agree to the publication of their image in reports from the run posted on the run’s website, in the traditional and social media, as well as in materials aimed at promoting the festival.
  4. Personal data. Participants of the run express their voluntary consent to the processing of their personal data, expressed by accepting these regulations, for purposes related to the organization and conduct of the run.

The administrator of personal data of participants is:

Fundacja „Kraina gór i jezior” z siedzibą w Tychach KRS 00008121168

Purpose of processing: organization of the running festival.

Legal basis for processing: necessity to fulfil the contract.

Data recipients: personal data will not be transferred to anyone except companies/organizations with which we cooperate in order to provide the festival organization service (e.g. time measurement service), or may be made available to authorized state authorities on the basis of applicable law.

Registration of the participant of the run takes place via the registration platform of the time measurement operator – BGTimeSport. When registering, the participant of the run provides his data to the Organizers’ Partner.

Rights related to data processing:

    1. the right to withdraw consent to data processing.

    2. the right to access personal data and the right to request their rectification, deletion or limitation of their processing.

    3. other rights specified in the detailed information.

  1. Due to the dynamics of the epidemiological situation, the organizer reserves the right to modify the regulations for reasons beyond his control and caused by safety considerations, such as a change in the epidemiological threat situation and the related rigors and recommendations of relevant state services.

Participants will be informed about any changes in appropriate messages on the website of the run and on a Facebook page of the event. At the same time, the organizer undertakes that in the event of difficulties related to the epidemic, a virtual run will not be organized instead of a real competition.

  1. Final Provisions. Any questions regarding the interpretation of the regulations should be asked at the telephone numbers (0048) 664909239 or (0048) 505772738. The organizers of the run are entitled to a binding and final interpretation of the regulations.