Maraton Trzech Jezior
ładowanie strony

Three Lakes Marathon


46 km

Elevation gain:

+/- 2485 m

Time limit:


Limit of participants:


Date: 14th September 2024

Start: 8:00 Międzybrodzie Bialskie

Finish: Porąbka stadium

The Three Lakes Marathon is the main distance of the festival.

The race is actually an ultramarathon. The first half of the distance is the exploration of the western, higher parts of the Little Beskids. At the beginning, the runners head through New World and Gaiki to Bielsko-Biała Lipnik, from where an exhausting ascent along the blue trail begins and leads the competitors to the red trail. Then, they run a long and fast traverse over the Bielsko district of Straconka towards the Przegibek Pass, where the first regeneration point is located. From here, for several kilometres, the trail leads through the route of the Frassati Mountain Run. A particularly sharp section of the ascent to Magurka from Mikuszowice is worth mentioning. Behind Magurka and Czupel (the highest peak of the Little Beskids) the runners turn right and take a long, technically demanding descent towards Czernichów. When the trail leaves the forest and enters the meadows, a picturesque view of Międzybrodzie Lake and the dam in Tresna opens up in front of the participants. Afterwards the route leads through Czernichów, where one of the checkpoints, the second regeneration point and the fan zone are located. From here, the participants cross the suspension bridge to the other side of the Soła River and continue along the eastern side of Międzybrodzie Lake.

After running through the footbridge, they head towards the dam and leave the paved road to start the longest ascent to Jaworzyna and Great Yew Grapa along the blue trail. Coming along the bridge, they can admire the Międzybrodzie Lake and the reservoir on the Żar mountain in all its glory. Then, the route turns towards Kiczera, where the most scenic part of the run begins: a descent through open pastures towards Żar mountain, during which we look at the water reservoir on its top from above. Afterwards, along the crest of the reservoir, we run to the top of Żar (regenerative point), from where we start the descent towards Kozubnik – a former luxury holiday resort.

After running through Kozubnik, one more short ascent remains to find yourself in the neighbouring valley and see the finish line at the stadium in Porąbka, right next to the recreational areas by the Wielka Puszcza stream.